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CLIENT & CONTRACTOR agree to listed financial terms for services listed. CONTRACTOR requires payment in advance of services rendered, payment reserves CONTRACTOR’s availability for services. CLIENT is responsible to assign tasks to CONTRACTOR.


Additional services may be provided by CONTRACTOR at a separate fee, i.e. website design, website creation, medium - large scale event planning, etc.  These services and fees will be binding via separate invoice from CONTRACTOR to CLIENT.

Payments are due in advance & are NON-REFUNDABLE.  If CLIENT terminates the agreement no refund is due.  If CONTRACTOR terminates the agreement, a partial refund of the most recent payment may be due to CLIENT, of the remaining balance, less services/tasks already accomplished within that period.  

If CONTRACTOR is required/requested to purchase/rent any item(s) for/on behalf of CLIENT, funds must be provided to CONTRACTOR in advance. 


Payments can be made via, credit card, PayPal, cash or the Cash App.


CLIENT and CONTRACTOR stipulate this agreement does not imply any additional relationship between the two and any additional relationship desired by either party must be outlined in a separate agreement.

CONTRACTOR is authorized to communicate and initiate communication on behalf of CLIENT, at CLIENT’s direction & independently, with third parties, to include businesses, organizations, and private parties.  CONTRACTOR agrees to provide CLIENT with complete and accurate information from these communique.  CLIENT agrees to provide accurate and relevant information concerning their processes, budgets, goals & mission to CONTRACTOR in order for CONTRACTOR to maximize opportunities and work expeditiously to secure required items/accomplish tasks, understanding CLIENT is ultimately responsible for distribution of funds, unless delegated & provided to CONTRACTOR for distribution.  CLIENT agrees to hold harmless CONTRACTOR, et al, of any liability for the outcome of any events or damaged goods left in the custody of LEC Concierge, barring a proven negligent act by CONTRACTOR.

CONTRACTOR agrees to provide CLIENT with accurate and detailed updates on CONTRACTOR’s activities conducted on behalf of CLIENT.  CONTRACTOR agrees to conduct business in line with CLIENT’s stated professional desires and goals.  


CLIENT & CONTRACTOR agree to settle any disputes within the jurisdiction of Franklin County (the service originating area) by 1) an agreed upon mediator & 2) at the cost of the disputing party. 


CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT:  CONTRACTOR acknowledges access to and agrees to maintain confidentiality of CLIENT’s sensitive information to include but not limited to, CLIENT’s personal information, professional relationships, processes, products, services, plans, passwords and account information.  Additionally, Except as necessary to conduct activities for and on behalf of CLIENT, CONTRACTOR will not use above mentioned information for any means other than to complete tasks assigned by CLIENT.


Violation of these terms will be considered grounds for termination of the contract. Violation also excuses CLIENT from any future financial obligation for services scheduled to be rendered and does not limit CLIENT from seeking legal action against CONTRACTOR. 

CLIENT’s submission of any part of the payment amount & CONTRACTOR’s receipt/failure to refund within 48 hours, or CLIENT’s signature stipulate agreement to these terms.

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